IMPORTANT ordering information

We reserve the right to use the most effective shipping method for each order. If you require a specific shipping method, i.e. USPS or FedEx, please let us know in the comment box provided at the end of the online ordering process, or verbally if placing a phone order. FedEx does not deliver to Post Office Boxes.

In order to receive the ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL and  notification (with tracking number) that your order has shipped please MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS when you place your order! If you provided the correct email address and still did not get the emails check your JUNK EMAIL / SPAM EMAIL box.

Also, if you use or subscribe to a Spam Blocking Service, make sure our email address is added to your spam-blocking service “white list”.

To ensure that you receive email from Supreme Fulvic, LLC regarding your order submission, status and notification of shipment, please read the following:

Whenever an order is placed with Supreme Fulvic, LLC, as a courtesy, email notifications are generated to let the customer know the status of the order.

The email notifications include:

  • Confirmation that we received your order,
  • Confirmation that your order is being prepared,
  • Confirmation that your order has shipped,
  • as well as any email notification we think might be necessary to let you know of any problem/s we may have encountered (such as incorrect shipping address provided etc.) during the process of fulfilling your order.

If you place an order with us and do not receive an order confirmation email within a few hours it is highly probable that either you provided us an incorrect email address or the email notification was blocked by some type of email filtering software.

If you do not receive the email/s from us the very first thing to do is (if you registered an account with us) login and check your account details, specifically the email address you used. If the email address is correct, or, if you did not register with us, check your email software's Junk box or Spam box. If the emails are not in either one you should either email us or call us and let us know that you did not receive the email notifications. If you choose to email us make sure you provide us your correct email address (double-check it to be sure) and we will match it with the email address you used when you placed your order.

If You Use or Subscribe to an Email or Spam Filtering Service

If the email system on your computer uses a filter or spam-blocker, please add email address image to your email filtering software address book or Spam Blocking Subscription "white list" to ensure that you receive all emails pertaining to your order status.

Some Internet service providers or web-based email providers have email filters or restrictions that may prevent our emails from reaching your email inbox. If you think that email from SupremeFulvic.com is being blocked, we suggest you add email address image to the address book or contact list offered by your email provider.