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Maximum Health Benefits
Our optimally formulated Fulvic acid Humic acid supplement provides superior health benefits to plain fulvic acid.


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Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, & Health Documents Library

  1. Fulvic acid benefits - a comprehensive overview (HTML, Includes Testimonials)

  2. Fulvic Acid & Humic Substances (PDF, 17-pages, 82k) Alternate version, Includes Testimonials

  3. Fulvic Acid - another Comprehensive Discourse (PDF, 44-pages, 219k) Another version

  4. Humic & Fulvic Substances - Part I (PDF, 35-pages, 322k) Part-1

  5. Humic & Fulvic Substances - Part II (PDF, 38-Pages, 236k) Part-2

  6. Humic Substances - more info... (PDF, 12-Pages, 159k)

  7. Medical Aspects and Applications (PDF, 2-Pages, 24k)

  8. Inhibition of HIV-1 (PDF, 2-Pages, 97k)

  9. Root of All Disease (PDF, 19-Pages, 450k) Condensed Manuscript

  10. The Relationship between pH, Alkalinity, Disease & Aging (Off-site link)

  11. pH and Cancer (PDF, 3-Pages, 26k)

  12. How the Body Rots and Rusts (PDF, 28-Pages, 143k)

  13. pH and Acidosis

  14. “Heavy Metals” – A Meaningless Term? (PDF, 17-pages, 223k)

  15. Doomsday Book of Medicine, by Ralph LaGuardia, M.D. Overview: A Prepper's Guide to Self Medical Care, 900+ Page Encyclopedia of Medical and Nutritional Knowledge. (Off-site link)

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HDPE plastic bottles have this symbol on the bottom:[image]
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