Doomsday Book of Medicine

The Doomsday Book of Medicine, by Ralph La Guardia, M.D.


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The Doomsday Book of Medicine

A Prepper’s Guide to Self Medical Care
A 900+ Page Encyclopedia of Medical and Nutritional Knowledge

What are you going to do when there are no doctors or prescription drugs available? How are you going to survive after the collapse of society, with all that chaos, when the pharmacies are looted and most doctors will have no way to treat you? How are you and your loved ones going to survive

In this fascinating book, you will learn the secrets Dr. La Guardia spent 30 years researching, reading obscure books and medical reports, combing the worlds medical literature, finding how to treat chronic medical problems like diabetes and hypertension and others, as well as everyday problems like colds and flu… All without prescription drugs.

Learn the health secrets that will make your body resistant to almost any infection and if you do get an infection, how to recover as quickly as possible.

Learn how to grow the most nutritious foods without dangerous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

Learn how eating the right foods can actually change how your genes function, from disease creating to disease protecting.

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The Doomsday Book of Medicine, by Ralph LaGuardia, M.D.